First Birthday

First Birthday
Mommy + "The Girls"

Monday, November 5, 2007


It's good to be back and posting. I do love reading your blogs and following your journeys but lately, since I have been back to work, I don't have the time or energy to leave a comment. So please forgive me................................................

This is for the animal rights activists type of people ,(ahem, Secret), the fish in the previous post was real, but don't fret, the only thing that was destroyed was the basketball by some kind hearted man. The fish merely suffered an aching jaw. (Mine hurts just looking at the poor guy). I wouldn't have believed it either if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

Before I impart some words of ridiculousness I have to say I raise a glass to all full-time working moms.

Classroom Updates:

1. "Miss 4 Year old Screamer" who misguidedly thought mommy-was-the-boss has now seen the light and realizes that I am the Queen and all subjects must obey me including her Mommy. (thank you Nancy for the tip).

2. I don't know what- you -would- call -this but all I know is that it threw me for a loop when Johnny asked me if SHE, (he is pointing to a bookcase) was in his group. I know Johnny thinks I possess super powers but unfortunately I couldn't see through the bookcase. So I ask Johnny again, "Who?" So Johnny repositions himself and points again and says "her". I still can't see who her is, so Johnny says a little frustrated now, "the BLACK girl". Oops, what did he just say? I think fast and say to Johnny that her name is JANE and yes she is allowed to play with you 'cause last time I checked segregation was illegal. What's a teacher/queen to do? We are now working on learning everyone's name....never , ever, take anything for granted and always expect the unexpected.

Things some parents need to know:

1. Bring Johnny to school, drop Johnny off, give Johnny a quick kiss, some reassurances and LEAVE immediately. Lingering around, wishy-washy behaviour DOES NOT HELP your child flash: IT MAKES IT 10 TIMES WORSE.

2. Don't bring your child late ON PURPOSE to avoid other parents seeing your child scream and fuss.......they know you are not a MONSTER . But expecting me to leave a class of 19, 3 - 4 and 5 year olds to extract JOHNNY from you is NOT feasible or FAIR to everyone else.

3. Snackables or Lunchmates or whatever the h*ll you want to call them are garbage, and should not be sent to school for lunch. Please seek a nutritionist if you are clueless. Your child needs good, sound nutritional food, not garbage to fill them up and sustain them throughout the day.

4. Rules are imposed for a reason and they are for everyone (need I be more clear, Mommy + Daddy?)......FOLLOW THEM.

5. Please don't send JANE in that button down long sleeved cuffed blouse, 'cause she can't undo the buttons and I have to do it everytime she washes her hands cause the cuffs get drenched, and in our classroom handwashing occurs a minimum of 3 -5 times a day. What? Doesn't she wash her hands at home? Can't you see this would be difficult for her?

6. Fashion has no place in the classroom. Good solid running shoes are the BEST footwear to send your young one to school in. This one hurts me too ya know.

7. Please make those good old fashioned running shoes the kind with VELCRO, NOT laces. No explanation needed. Any good chiropractors out there?

8. Don't be late, ever, picking up your child from school. They pine for you, especially at the end of the day so don't make them agonize any more than necessary.

9. Doesn't hurt to teach them how to do up their coats and put them on. Remember your child's teacher is putting on an entire class of coats so if your child can do it independently then guess what? They get more RECESS time outside and they LOVE their recess and I would love you for it too!!!!

10. Here is a trick to help your child put on their coat properly. Put their coat on the ground directly in front of them with the collar towards them. Now all they have to do is bend over and insert their arms in the armholes and lift their coat up over their heads. Works like a charm and kids love to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Bet you didn't know:

That announcing to a class of youngins that we are going to the Library brings instant cheers and unexpected kisses and hugs for the teacher and exclamations of "I LOVE YOU TEACHER".

That sometimes some students enjoy spitting on the classroom carpet. Lovely isn't it?

Scribbling is a pre-printing skill, so encourage your toddler to use a pencil, crayon, marker to scribble. Showing them how to make circles, squiggly lines, zig zags is a good thing. Oh yes, a good rule to have in your house would be that we only colour, print etc. on PAPER products.

*All names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Daycare Update:

S + A have begudgingly resigned themselves to the fact that they have to go to "school". No more panic stricken tears or clutching at our clothes. Just a few sniffles and they walk off like the troopers they are to their teachers. Then mommy quickly exits, whistling Dixie all the way. Whooo hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hallowe'en 2007
Hallowe'en was great this year except that Daddy was in Vegas on a business trip. I took alot of video of the girls trick-or-treating for Daddy to see the event that he missed and snapped only a few photos. The girls were ladybugs , I know a very original costume for asian -girls- adopted -by- North- American -families! (heavy sarcasm here). But I couldn't resist because the costumes were so darn cute and warm!!!!!

This last picture is my absolute fav, fav, is Sophia running to greet her Nonno. It just melts my heart. I may just have to do something with it for a Christmas gift for Nonno. Any ideas?


secret agent said...

Though I vacuum up ladybugs......yours are especially cute.

poor poor POOR fish!!!!!!!!!!
off for my meds

secret agent said...

Also, do you have any parents that find is easier to NOT TEACH THEIR KIDS HOW TO USE THE POTTY????
these drive me
in sane

redmaryjanes said...

The girls were darling ladybugs and I'm feeling pretty good about myself after reading your hints to Moms. The only one I'm bad at is leaving if Eli cries. He just tears at my heart!

kerri said...

You have adorable little ladybugs, I too love the photo with Nonno, frame it in a ladybug frame?
I love your Jk/SK advice, I see this one Mom hanging on to her son(who wailing)with dear life. I truly believe she's the one with issues not him.
My Mom always asks me "Why doesn't Jennifer wear dresses and dress shoes to class?"
My daughter rolls around on the ground at recess, they sit on the floor, criss cross applesauce for story time and she plays on the playground equipment. I have told her this a thousand times and she still asks, ahh...
Thanks for your hiarious post, my Mom is going to read this!!! ;)

Jeter Mama said...

That last picture is quite stunning.

Holly said...

They are so cute in their ladybug costumes! Gracie was a ladybug as well.

Steffie B. said...

OMW.....they are ADORABLE times 2! ;)

Beverly said...

There is a website that will let you send that pic to them and they will mount it on canvass for art work. I am sure their are several. E-mail me if you are interested and I will find the link. Too cute ladybugs.

Beverly said...

I was nodding and smiling while reading this post! I agree 100%. Teacher is not a babysitter contrary to popular belief...shzzz.

Picture of Nonno is priceless.

Glad you're back dear.

nikki said...

Cute, cute ladybugs...and yes, that last picture is definitely something special.

crazylady said...

all your advice is bang on.

You are so much more tactful that I would be on my blog.

Absolute-effing clueless parents out there. Sophia and Alyssa are lucky you are there to set them straight early.

What do ya mean Papa went to Vegas on business? Don't cha know what happens in vegas?

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