First Birthday

First Birthday
Mommy + "The Girls"

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What We Do

THIS is what we do when we KNOW that taking 2 toddlers to see the great HO HO HO is just going to turn into a debacle. No one enjoys screaming, or rather more like hysterical and highly resistant toddlers in a crowded and HOT mall. The girls just don't buy into the whole Santa brings you presents myth. So, being a practical and weary mom of twins I have chosen for the last 3 years to spare everyone and have done the holiday photo shoot at home at my own leisure. I have to wait for the moon and stars to be aligned in order to get full cooperation for the dressing, hair, and ultimate photo. This year December 19th seemed to be the perfect day.............The first photo is of the meticulously arranged photo shoot area (our family room). And the second picture is of Alyssa and Sophia's unabated reaction to their first 5 second sitting........This third picture you can actually see the physical pain they are enduring as the photo shoot drags on to 6 seconds......This 4th photo reveals the beginning of the conspiring going on between the 2, which possibly goes something like this....
Alyssa: "I think we can work this Sophia."
Sophia: "Yeah, I'm with you Alyssa, what are you thinking?"
Alyssa: "I'm thinking we can milk them for at least a SUCKER."
Sophia: "I'm outta here, I'm getting tired of this seat, and what was Mommy thinking anyway when she put us in white tights on a white bench?"This next photo reveals THEIR chosen location for the photo shoot, and just to convince Mommy that it was better than the perfectly arranged Christmas scene, they sneak in a kiss. Oh what happy, happy girls with their suckers...........back on track where Mommy would prefer them to sit. "Oh what fun it is to give Mommy a hard time......" (sung to the tune of Jingle Bells).
Sophia looking for an escape. A new bribe featured below, a present to open in exchange for their cooperation as Mommy hastily arranges a new Christmas scene. Look how angelic they look as they wait patiently to open their gift. They even took their suckers out of their mouths.
Alyssa: (above) "Can I open it now?"

Diving in, opening their twin Chinese dolls from Magnolia and Friends.

AHHHHHH, and this is why we do what we do. Hopefully, at least one of the photos is worthy to be framed and distributed as their official 2007 Christmas memory........

The dolls are super soft and cuddly, the girls love them!!! They are numbered 124 which reflects our family day (December 4th). At first the girls would tell me that the gift was for Baby Jesus, who was all but forgotten during the above episode.


kerri said...

Smart Mom to avoid the trauma of the malls, we didn't opt for that route the last couple of years. Last year we had two shots. One was with Frosty outside and one by the tree, we got lucky. LOL.
I love the shot of the girls smooching on the stairs.
I would pick any of the shots for cards, too cute. ;)

Beverly said...

They are so cute, even the tears are cute.


crazylady said...

So you came out of the hyperbaric chamber for air?
Missed you.
You did a fab time lapse on this post. I still like the crying one best, if only to make me feel better.
You are smarter than you look ;)
for staging your own home.
You have several keeper shots in there. I can't believe how much they have grown.
Merry Grinchmas

Dawn, Chris & Zoe said...

The girls are so darn cute.
Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Dawn Chris and Zoe

nikki said...

Love it! The girls are so adorable, I think EVERY picture is frame-worthy!

P.S. Lily has that same dress...I adore it! said...

I felt your pain in Every. Single. Picture. We went through 600 photos (tons of crying and me screaming "just smile"!) before we got "the photo". I keep hoping next year will be the year!!!! Smart not dragging them to the mall. That too may be a "next year" for this mommy. Haven't caved yet under pressure to to it.

I love the girls dresses..... Too cute...

Love Rony

redmaryjanes said...

They are so cute! I love those dresses. It doesn't really matter if they are smiling or crying at this's all cute.

secret agent said...

oh....that's quite cute and funny
their little outfits are adorable.

Steffie B. said...

That look darling in those dresses....who cares what you had to bribe them with! I think they are too cute!