First Birthday

First Birthday
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Teacher Training

I knew that teaching 4 -5 -6 year olds was not going to be at all like teaching prepubescent 12-13 year olds, but................... what does one do when a 4 year old is obstinate and flat out refuses to do what you ask? I don't think sitting on the carpet with the rest of the class is too much to ask!?! And what do you do when the 4 year old says her MOMMY is the boss????? And even when you pick her up and put her on the chair she screams and shadows you back to the carpet where the rest of your 20 angels are waiting for some words of wisdom, only they can't hear you because "Miss 4 Year Old" is going to stand there and scream?

This has now become my world.......there are very few discipline options as compared to the good 'ol days of teaching grade 8, she can't write....lines/essays/letters of apology are out....can't send her to the office 'cause she doesn't know where that is and she probably would deter and run out the front door of the school, and then what would happen to my teaching certificate?????

Every day so far I have come home with a pulsing headache from the noise and constant demands of teaching a JK/SK split.

Sophia and Alyssa have trained me for the physical demands of my new role but generally speaking, my girls LISTEN and COOPERATE with me, you know, the BOSS of the household. But these little munchkins at school still have to learn that there's a new boss in town and it's not their Mommy and Daddy when they are at school.

But there are some real cuties, one boy in particular who wants to kiss me all the time, on the LIPS, luckily I have been able to avert the lips and his kisses have landed in the cheek area (whew)....but then , this same boy will throw himself down on the carpet and cry if he can't play with his airplane during circle time. So, so cute! (heavy dose of sarcasm).

Here is some free parental advice: Put your child in an organized "school" like day care BEFORE going to school... their future teacher will be forever grateful.

Make sure your child can SPEAK clearly and articulate words properly....don't encourage the cuteness of "baby talk" at home........

Make sure your child can at LEAST identify the first letter of their name (upper case people), before coming to school. They will be able to find their coat hooks, name on the board etc.. alot easier. If you think they know it, mix it up with a bunch of other letters and have them FIND it.

Your angels are SPONGES so go ahead and teach them stuff.............................won't hurt them, especially stuff like knowing their colours and LETTER IDENTIFICATION of their NAME in lower case and the first letter in upper case of course. Just like you would normally write it.

While you're busy teaching the letters of their name don't forget to teach them the snake letter (S) and the L. SNACK and LUNCH are 2 very important times of the day and they won't know what to eat when and they may just eat everything at once or their lunch at 10 am. SHOW your monkey where their stuff is in their backpack...don't pack away solo.....get them involved.

Label EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING.................................

I guess that's enough freebies for one post... more will be forthcoming I'm sure of it.

10 Things I Didn't Have to Deal with Teaching Grade 8:

1. Students peeing with the bathroom door left wide open for the world to see.

2. Nose- picking in the middle of circle time. (Very distracting)

3. Students going home wearing other student's clothes.

4. Students fighting over who gets to hold my hand.

5. Debating (with myself) as to whether or not "Johnny" should be allowed to lead "Jake" around the class on all fours with a tie tied around his neck as the pet dog at the house centre.

6. How to walk in a line in the school, without getting lost.

7. Being kissed, hugged and basically showered with affection throughout the day by my adoring students.

8. Cleaning yogurt tube explosions off of clothes.

9. Little boys peeing in the drain on the bathroom floor versus the toilette.

10. Students asking me if it's SNACK time or LUNCH time.

Another note...............Day care for Sophia and Alyssa has been a huge transistion...I had been warned that they would get sick alot but after 4 visits????? Urghhhh I have also borne witness to the dreaded "depersonalizing" of my highly individual twin girls...yes they are being called "the twins" and "twin" by the other munchkins at daycare. I clearly hear them yell out "bye twin" as I take Sophia or "bye twins". My back bristles with disdain as I tartly replied to the ignorant child, "they HAVE names girl-in-pink shirt". There, how do YOU like it????

The girls graduated from "Baby Stars" in their gymnastics class to the "Toddler Stars" this fall and they are proud to wear their new body suits to class, where they may attempt a somersault if they feel so inclined. But they look so darn cute in their matching leotards.

September has been a month for weddings......been busy observing other peoples entrance into wedded bliss. Sigh....

Why do I all of a sudden feel so old???????Could it be because one of the weddings was a friend's son????? I think so............but damn them all we stayed to the very end and danced all night. How's that for old?
A couple of pics from the summer of the girls shopping for their favourite type of toys.


redmaryjanes said...

Oh my word, just hang in there. I would tell that little girl that her Mommy is the boss at her house and you are the boss at school.
And yes, the minute your children are exposed to others, the illnesses come on. And usually I end up catching whatever they have and being taken down twice as long by it. Motherhood...we should get medals.

Steffie B. said...

Girl....I'm leaving Thursday for Vegas....I think you need to come with me! Hope things get better! Yes....I can relate!

Beverly said...

Such great pics. Sorry to hear of the adjustment to the new age in school.


kerri said...

Lucky you, no one ever fought to hold my hand. :o)
Thanks for the advice my little one is going to JK next year, the tips are great.
Nose picking in circle time, I am gaging at the thought, your a saint my dear!!

nikki said...

Uh oh, I'm planning on putting Lily in preschool next year (and it will be her first school experience of any day care either). However, she goes to Dance Class and Kids' Church and she can identify all her letters and spell her name. I'll work on the rest - please tell me her future teacher won't hate me!

You've been busy. Good for you for staying till the bitter end of the wedding -- dance, girlie, dance!

S and A are darling as ever.

secret agent said...

I think you need to come here
have a few mojitos on my porch and unwind

you are so funny

crazylady said...

Wo-ho, a lot happening in this freebee post.
Okay I think I'm up to snuff. Kids know all alphabet letters and number to 20. They recognize letters and numbers and we're working with time.

They can pick out lint out of their backpack if you asked and they'll correct you if you call them the twins....they say LOUDLY, "NO, MeiMei and Jazylina!"

They would not DARE talk back to their teacher or scream anywhere.

WA-LA. I'm a perfect mom, non?

I can't believe you had to leave the mess of motherhood to jump in the fire of teacherhood. You are strong.
Tell A &S to stop licking the toilet drains!

Nancy said...

Been there, done that. Here are some of my recommendations.

Just tell 4 year old screamer, that her Mom may be the boss, but you are the QUEEN! Everyone knows queens are to be obeyed!!

It also helps to keep a flask of your favorite beverage in the back bottom drawer of your desk;)

And nose picking is an instant sending to the sink to wash their hands. Even if they were just there 3 minutes ago. They learn quickly to stop because they get tired of washing their hands. said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Laughing out loud. Do you hear me?! ha ha. Yep, my kids can both count to 20 and they know their ABC's. They'll even ask if you do?! Back talking?! Are you kidding me? That would get them put to bed. By anyone in charge. As for the washing hands that wouldn't work with my little water bugs. They have been known to spend all afternoon playing in water basin at the pet zoo and empying the santitizer! lol. I'm in no hurry to put my kids in the germfest pre-school. Not yet anyway. We will re-visit it again next year. I've been lucky with my au pair. She spends time everyday teaching the girls. They even know where they were born and they scream it proudly. They know their shapes, colours and can identify letters and numbers. Don't get me wrong I am all about education, but day care in my area costs a king's ransom as I've just discovered. AND no twin discounts!

I feel for you though. I couldn't imagine a class room of 4 year olds. I know my active little monkeys can just about push me over the edge somedays. You're a mighty strong woman. Keep up the good work.

Ummm, a side note. I can see why the little boys want to kiss you. *wink*.

Didn't mean to delete, thought I could correct spelling error....I can not spell worth a darn. Sorry.

Cindy from central NC said...

I loved your "10 Things" list....esp #5 about the tie tied around the neck...Have been having a not-so-great day today and when I read that, I laughed aloud for the first time...Wow, what a zany time you must have on your schooldays.

Funny, cute post....keep them coming...

Reba Lew said...

Too funny Di! I love it since I am on the other end, having a little boy starting JK. I am happy to say that Max can identify his name, can speak clearly and did attend a formal child care centre or school prior to JK! I am not sure if he has ever peed in the drain (LOVE that one!) but I am guilty of sending him with a yogurt tube for snack, most of which has ended up on his clothes. He too is in love with his teacher (she is pretty like you) and would be the type of boy that would ask for a kiss from you too! His teacher is a young thing and this is her first year teaching...poor thing you at least had S & A to prepare you, I hope she makes it through the year!

Hope it gets better, thanks for the laugh, I love it :o) said...

Where are you?!?!??!?!?

Steffie B. said...'s time for an update on the two twinkies! ;)