First Birthday

First Birthday
Mommy + "The Girls"

Sunday, October 14, 2007


It's not much put I have managed to upload a few pictures of the "Sweet-Sweets" on an all-day outing to the Niagara Grape Festival where Mommy enjoyed copious amounts of "grapes", good food and good company, plus an eager "Auntie" Marie made the all-day affair a huge success.

Sophia (below): "Do ya think we should trust that camera crazed Momma to take us anywhere? She seems a little high strung."

Alyssa: "Jeez, I don't know Sophia...let's just stand here and pretend we're frozen."

Me: Sighing.....this is so typical , the girls standing "frozen" on the front porch waiting to be escorted rather than use their God given legs which are perfectly coordinated with the rest of their body parts and can somersault, pose, dance, run, skip, hop, and too-many-to-mention other physical feats, but God forbid should they walk down those 5 steps to the van!

Auntie Marie was our angel for the day and entertained the girls. The girls LOVED her and all the attention.

My girls love their stuffed animals, any size or shape doesn't matter. Adversely, they detest dolls. Soft cuddly dolls, hard plastic dolls, Barbie dolls, you name it they dislike them. Dolls usually become projectile objects in our house followed by Sophia or Alyssa exclaiming, "I don't wannit" or "I no likeit". This throws me for a loop because I LOVED dolls, all kinds but I am not exactly sure what age I was when my love affair with dolls began.

I, being the over-analytical sort, wonder if this has anything to do with their orphanage experience and the competition with the other "babies" there for the Nannies attention.

I will always wonder what sort of affect those first 9 months of orphanage life has had on them.


kerri said...

Could your girls getting any more beautiful, they have grown so much!!
Funny my girls both love stuffed animals too, dolls, no way. I have purchased dolls and so many outfits and they are sitting in a bag.
They walk their stuffed animals in their strollers,feed them and put diapers on them. :)

redmaryjanes said...

They are so cute. I just can't get over it. I love how you dress them too! said...

There you are! I've been worrying about you..... Your little angels are the cutest..

Beverly said...

Such cute pictures. I loved dolls growing up too. Glenys prefers stuffed animals or "amamals." I will happily oblige and continue to purchase dolls just in case.

Your girls fear of the steps, is it in direct proportion to how full your hands are? Glenys always wants to be carried when I am at my fullest load.


secret agent said...

yeah....glad to see you're still around!!!!

I was the same way....detested dolls
now..all grown up I have a zoo.

wait til they start bringing home the real deal :)

nikki said...

First, DITTO what RMJ are they cute!

Lily adores her stuffed dog - takes him everywhere. I think it's normal to wonder about those first months...I know I do.

Boeffie, Mei Mei, Gwenda & Laurisse said...

It was a while before both my girls liked dolls.
Now its both dolls and stuffed animals. They can't get enough of either.
....the only thing is they still can't seem to change the doll clothes themselves and still come to mommy to do it! said...

Where are you?!?!? Missing your cuties.

Steffie B. said...

To stinkin' cute. They look like beauty queens in that first pic!